Zero Waste Map – Beta


There’s always a better option for us as a conscious consumer. Thanks for our volunteers who help out with data collection from our wonderful community! We create a map which displays zero waste resources around Malaysia.

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What is Zero Waste Map about?

The map provides locations of bulk food suppliers as well as zero waste alternatives.  By doing so, we wish to promote local artisan businesses and inspire social enterprises to run businesses that create a low environmental impact.

This is considered the first zero waste map in not only  Malaysia but also the whole South East Asia region, covering up to 250 locations. We received positive feedback upon releasing the map to our awesome community.

Click HERE to access Map and user guide.

International Project – Zero Waste App


We have also been collaborating with the international zero waste community.

With the help of zero waste communities around the world, an official app called “Zero Waste App” has been created. This app is a perfect travel companion to find the resources one may need for zero waste living and travelling.

The app is designed to be used globally, displaying locations of  bulk food stores, thrift shops, and tap water drinking zones, amongst others.