Past Events

Zero Waste Night Market

Our first community event carried out at SS2 night market. The purpose of the event was to highlight the “bring your own” movement whilst enjoying the offerings of a local night market. The resulting documentation was made into a video to demonstrate the way of zero waste shopping at night markets in a more sustainable and stylish way.

Zero Waste Picnic

A great turn out from the zero waste community to enjoy a nice morning picnic and get together at KLCC park. To encourage disconnecting from the world wide web whilst reconnecting with nature without creating unnecessary trash.

“Tak Nak Straw” Movement

“Tak Nak Straw”, a local movement initiated by Sampah,Menyampah encourages people to refuse single use straws when out ordering drinks. This year we created a social media video highlighting the problem of single use plastic straws to support this movement, the video of which has garnered 5,500 views thus far. Through educational workshops Sampah,Menyampah has fanned the TakNakStraw movement, which can be found on most major local media.

“A Plastic Ocean” film screening

Together with Sampah Menyampah, we organized a three day awareness event based around the screening of “A Plastic Ocean” which was attended by 80 people. Concurrently, a facebook live video recording of the event attracted over 1000 people watching online. A sharing session followed after to discuss the plastic pollution experienced in our country and ways to tackle the problem.

Sampah-Menyampah & Friends Earth Weekend

Because one hour is not enough! Our friend Sampah-menyampah organised a two day event at Jaya One Shopping mall. As their partner, Zero Waste Malaysia helped out with the Zero Waste Market. Our volunteers also assisted in several workshops, cloth swap party and recycling station. Thank you everyone for coming during this Earth Weekend!

Earth Day Run by National Geographic

This Earth Day, we had a wonderful Zero Waste Home Exhibition at Gamuda Land that lasted for one month. At @earthdayrun2018 by National Geographic , we had zero waste mini market, zero waste mini exhibition and the official launch of zero waste map database. People can now browse the whole database of Zero Waste Map, we are open it for people to search and copy down. Lastly, thank you everyone for showing interest in zero waste lifestyle, thanks Frangipani and Tak Nak Straw for supplying zero waste products at discounted price. All the profit will go back to the Zero Waste Movement. And not to forget the volunteers behind all these events, they woke up 4.30am today and worked hard for hours!!! Thanks everyone, this is a movement built up by everyone in this community, we love you all. 😘

Zero Waste Sharing at Greenpeace Malaysia Office

We’re so excited to share you that Zero Waste Malaysia will be part of the upcoming @greenpeacemalaysia event in early June! We’re invited to share about how to organise a zero waste/ low waste event at the Greenpeace Malaysia office.


Zero Waste Ramadan

Thanks all for joining us to go Zero Waste this Ramadhan. Aren’t they look pretty on our own reusable? Can you guess the amount of trash that we have avoided?

The session won’t be any better without all the people here. Also, speacial thanks to team from Astro who did some film shooting to spread the awareness of disengaging the current disposable culture.

Let’s do our part as an individual and inspire the others.
Last but not least, happy fasting!!!

YSEALI Professional Fellowship by United States State of Department

Our Founder & President Aurora Tin is in Washington DC, representing Zero Waste Malaysia as a Professional Fellow of the Professional Fellows Program @Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative.

Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior Green Lifestyle Fair

The beacon of hope in the struggle against environmental abuse, the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior has been fighting for the planet since 1978.

Zero Waste Malaysia is grateful to be part of the event organised by Greenpeace Malaysia to help organise a low waste event. We’re thankful to have our faithful community for being with us for such a long time thus we offered an exclusive free ship tour to Rainbow Warrior for our community.

We had some interactive workshops; some sharing about recycle myth and compost lesson! Oh ya, as well as our signature exhibition and zero waste map showcase. Our Founder Aurora Tin also joined the caption and other local green warriors to urge people to break up with single use plastic.

Exclusive Dialogue with Bea Johnson

What a wonderful night with super inspiring Bea Johnson from @zerowastehome . She shared her experiences and thoughts about zero waste lifestyle with a bunch of passionate eco lovers from all walks of life!!

Thanks Bea for bringing our loving community together again, we wish all the best to her next stop!

HSBC Green Carnival

Glad to be part of @hsbc #ichoosegreen carnival. @zerowastemalaysia_official was invited to conduct two workshops that aligned with 5R principle:

#Refuse Plastic Bag: Paper Bin Liner #Reuse Preloved Tshirt: DIY Tote Bag from old tshirt.

Thank you HSBC for moving towards a low waste corporate by organising this event in a zero waste mindset. Can you tell the backdrop is actually made of cloth and handprinted by HSBC staffs? Do you know they have started removing plastic straws from their cafeteria? And… their mysterious prizes are Zero Waste Products! Zero Waste Malaysia supplied 500 sets of reusable sporks, bamboo straws and straw brushes with the help of our community.

Of course, they still got big room for improvements but we all know that once the first step is taken, achieving zero waste is just the matter of time. Even the CEO of HSBC Malaysia has joined #taknakstraw movement by saying no to disposable plastic straw!

Bankers can reduce waste, NGO can reduce waste, marketing experts can reduce waste, hawkers can reduce waste, no matter who you are and when you come from, you can reduce your waste from today! Because… we all 💕our beautiful home 🌏

 UK Embassy Plastic Free July

Very grateful to be invited for a conversation about living zero waste. 😍

We love the way the zero waste initiatives slowly building up at corporate, organisation and etc.

Thanks once again to @ukinmalaysia for the invitation. The low waste vegetarian dinner was fabulous!

Let’s Break Up with Single-Use Plastic by Ministry of Environment

Zero Waste Malaysia joined our friends Sampah, MenyampahFrangipaniBYOB Damansara Kim BranchLembah Barakah Organic Orchard at the launch of “LET’S BREAK UP FROM SINGLE-USE PLASTIC” Campaign by Kementerian Tenaga, Sains, Teknologi, Alam Sekitar dan Perubahan Iklim (MESTECC).

We are thrilled to see our government and Minister YB Yeo Bee Yin(杨美盈)is taking the lead in combating single use plastic. This campaign has three challenges to all their staffs:

In all meeting of MESTECC
1. No single use bottles
2. No straw
3. No plastic wrap on food

To all the businesses and organisations out there, why don’t we follow and take action from today, just like our Ministry?

Let’s wish them success and look forward to their next month challenge!!!