Past Events

Zero Waste Night Market

Our first community event carried out at SS2 night market. The purpose of the event was to highlight the “bring your own” movement whilst enjoying the offerings of a local night market. The resulting documentation was made into a video to demonstrate the way of zero waste shopping at night markets in a more sustainable and stylish way.

Zero Waste Picnic

A great turn out from the zero waste community to enjoy a nice morning picnic and get together at KLCC park. To encourage disconnecting from the world wide web whilst reconnecting with nature without creating unnecessary trash.

“Tak Nak Straw” Movement

“Tak Nak Straw”, a local movement initiated by Sampah,Menyampah encourages people to refuse single use straws when out ordering drinks. This year we created a social media video highlighting the problem of single use plastic straws to support this movement, the video of which has garnered 5,500 views thus far. Through educational workshops Sampah,Menyampah has fanned the TakNakStraw movement, which can be found on most major local media.

“A Plastic Ocean” film screening

Together with Sampah Menyampah, we organized a three day awareness event based around the screening of “A Plastic Ocean” which was attended by 80 people. Concurrently, a facebook live video recording of the event attracted over 1000 people watching online. A sharing session followed after to discuss the plastic pollution experienced in our country and ways to tackle the problem.